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Looking for clinical supervision ?

I hold a Relate Certificate in Clinical Supervision. This training gave me a thorough grounding in a wide range of supervision models, including Hawkins & Shohet's Seven-Eyed Model, Paige & Wosket's Cyclical Model and Carroll's Generic Tasks of Supervision. Each model lends itself to a particular aspect of supervision as well as specific counselling theories: systemic, psychodynamic and behavioural. As a practitioner, I employ each of these theoretical bases according to the nature of my work.

I particularly enjoy working integratively and creatively within supervision. My own most rewarding experiences as a supervisee have been based on a secure working relationship with a supervisor, where I have felt encouraged and supported in exploring my own process with clients and felt safe to learn and grow as a practitioner. This is the kind of supervisory relationship I now offer to supervisees at all stages of their counselling careers.

There are many helpful definitions of counselling supervision out there, but I particularly like this one of Michael Carroll:

"Supervision is for the future. It is to enable supervisees from whatever profession or background, to return to their work more knowledgeable, skilled, insightful and creative, and of more benefit to those with whom they work. Supervision prepares the future."

if you're a therapist or student looking for clinical supervision it's important to find a supervisory relationship that offers you both support and room to develop your professional practice. If you'd like to work creatively in your supervision and want to know more, please give me a ring on 07462 870184 for an initial chat or click here to email me.

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